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Senate Bill 18 (SB 18) is the latest assault on parental rights coming from Sacramento.  Billl author, Dr. Richard Pan, claims that the intent of SB 18 is to protect children’s rights, however, it is a forceful invitation of  the government’s unrestrained authority into your home and a violation of parental rights. SB 18 proposes that the government should have the authority to intervene between parents and children if your parenting style and family life are not compliant with their “researched-based essential needs” of children.  In all practical ways, SB 18 opens your front door and invites the government in to stay, not only as a spectator, but as a dictator. Say no to unrestrained government control over your family. Say NO to SB 18.

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Latest News

Town Hall Meeting Video

Town Hall Meeting on Senate Bill 18 with Senator Richard Pan   Video courtesy of California Family Council Senator Richard Pan hosted a town hall meeting on Tuesday night in regards to Senate Bill 18, his newest bill assaulting parental rights. The Town...
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Senator Pan Wants to Raise Your Children

Parents know what's best for their children, not politicians in Sacramento. Help us stop the usurpation of  parental rights! We are asking for your financial partnership so that we can keep fighting legislation like SB 18.   What You Should Know About Giving to CRI:...
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CRI’s 2017 Citizen Lobby Day

CRI's 2017 Citizen Lobby Day When: Tuesday, March 14th 9:00 am- 4:30 pm Where: California Secretary of State Auditorium 1500 11th Street (Located on 11th street between O and P streets) Greetings! Have you ever wondered: How a bill becomes a law? The most effective...
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Get ready, parents, for ‘healthy attachment’ test

Get ready, parents, for 'healthy attachment' test Wednesday, January 4, 2017 | Charlie Butts, Billy Davis ( A proposed law in California vows to create a "bill of rights" for children in the state. "It's really not the children's bill of rights. It's...
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Daddy Knows Best

Daddy Knows Best: The slow but steady move to raise our children Karen England, Executive Director Capitol Resource Institute & Capitol Resource Family Alliance   The most recent assault on parental rights in California is SB 18, a bill by Senator Richard Pan...
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CRI Action Alert

SB 18 – Government Attempt to Replace Parents (Richard Pan)   The California Legislature is back in session. And to no surprise, radical legislation has already been introduced. When one party has a super-majority, why wait? This week Senator Richard Pan, who is...
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