Get ready, parents, for ‘healthy attachment’ test

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 | Charlie Butts, Billy Davis (

A proposed law in California vows to create a “bill of rights” for children in the state.

“It’s really not the children’s bill of rights. It’s the government’s bill of rights,” warns attorney Brad Dacus of California-based Pacific Justice Institute.

Senate Bill 18 was introduced in December by Dr. Richard Pan, a Harvard-educated pediatrician who angered Californians in 2015 when he authored legislation that eliminated children’s exemptions for vaccines.

Dacus calls the legislation a Trojan horse that is written so broadly it would allow California’s famously left-wing state government to decide abortion, sexual orientation and schooling options for children.

Source: Get ready, parents, for ‘healthy attachment’ test |One News Now

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