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Tuesday we were honored to stand on the stepsof the CA State Capitol alongside other organizations and a wonderful and passionate group of parents who want one thing: to be able to raise their children according to their individual needs and values.

As we’ve heard from parents, a number of reasons bring them to oppose SB 18, Senator Pan’s latest assault on parental rights. Some are concerned with the healthcare portion of the bill. Some are concerned about the education portion of the bill. And still others, concerned for a host of other reasons. But the one commonality that drew all parents to this rally is the issue of parental rights.
These parents are concerned because SB 18 gives the government the final say on the issues of healthcare, education, socialization, and just about every other issue in children’s lives.

All the while we were gathered in support of parental rights, just hundreds of feet away, on the other side of the capitol, Planned Parenthood, one of the most corrupt organizations to ever be awarded with our taxpayer dollars, was gathered for their annual “Pink out Day” where they take to the capitol to advocate for the “healthcare of women,” and by that they mean: abortion.

video of Senator Pan is being circulated where he is heard addressing the Planned Parenthood rally attendees saying, “We’re gonna fight… and if anyone tries to stand in our way, in 2018, what are we gonna do? We’re gonna knock them out.”
Unlike Senator Pan, some elected officials do believe in empowering parents to raise their children, rather than stripping them of their rights. Senator Joel Anderson joined attendees in opposing SB 18, and had this to say:
” There’s nobody in this building [capitol] who cares more about your kids than you do. They didn’t pray for their health. They didn’t pray for their safe delivery. They weren’t there bedside, either in the bed, or beside the bed, working for their delivery. And yet now they’re telling us how to raise our kids.”
-Senator Joel Anderson
It’s our responsibility as parents and concerned citizens to:
1) Educate others about this bill assaulting parental rights.

2) Educate our legislators on the dangers this bill poses, and call upon them to vote “No” on SB 18.

1) Attend our lobby day to join others in the fight to preserve parental rights. Register here.
2) Visit our website to learn more about how to talk about SB 18 with friends and family.
3) Follow us on Facebook for updates.
4) Download graphics to share on social media to help educate others.

5) Call your legislators today and ask them to oppose SB 18. Find your representatives here.

Whatever you do, do something.
Speakers at yesterday’s rally included:
Christina Hildebrand A Voice for Choice
Danielle Cullum, Capitol Resource Institute
Kristie Burchit, Advocate
Senator Joel Anderson, CA State Senator
Orlean Koehle, Eagle Forum
Del Bigtree, Producer of Vaxxed
Martin Brown,
Terry Roark, National Vaccine Information Center
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