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Contact Senator Richard Pan

Let him know that California is against bill SB 18

Senator Pan’s Contact Info:

Capitol Office: (916) 651-4006

District Office: (916) 262-2904


Tweet your opposition to this bill at Senator Pan @DrPanMD this bill using the hashtags #CALeg and #NoSB18

Dr. Richard Pan is the Senator who proposed SB 18. He is best known for his bill, SB 277, that revoked all previous and current religious and personal exemptions for the vaccination of children as well as eliminated the ability to attain future exemptions for religious and personal reasons.

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What to Say

We have provided you with a generic example of an email to you representative:

Dear _____________,

I am a resident of California and I oppose SB 18. This bill is a direct assault on parental rights.

“Researched-based essential needs” turn children into a statistic by assuming all children fit into the same box. Parents know their children best. Parents deserve the freedom to care for their child’s individual needs as they see fit. Parents should make decisions regarding their child’s health, medical care, social life, and education, not the government.

Current laws are sufficient for protecting minor children. SB 18 grants unrestrained government authority in family’s lives without cause.

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